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How to Install on the 4Runner 3rd Gen american flag decal

How to Install on the 4Runner 3rd Gen american flag decal

The 4Runner 3rd generation American flag is one of the harder decal to install just because of how long it is. In order for us to ensure that we help those who are installing the American flags by yourselves we have decided to write this blog.


We advise to clean the window before applying the decal. Afterwards, make sure all of the tools you need are within reach, such as your squeegee, spray bottle, and Exacto knife.

Step 1. 

Once preparations have been finished, position the decal over the window to get a good idea the orientation the flag needs to be in to cover the entire window. Afterwards, go ahead and remove the back of the decal, which is the paper material, and spray water on the adhesive side as shown below. 

Step 1

Spray water on the window that you are applying the decal on also. This will help you move or remove the decal if needed even after applying it on. It will also greatly assist if you are applying the decal on a hot day. 

4Runner 3rd Gen Step 1 (2)


Step 2. Application

If you can, we recommend that you have another person help you apply the decal on. It is possible to do it solo, but if you cannot hold the entire decal by yourself and apply it in a comfortable manner, then having a helping hand is probably a good idea.

Before directly applying the decal onto the window, make sure that you are holding it straight and stretched out. This will prevent wrinkles when you start using the squeegee to get the air bubbles out. Hover over the window to make sure you are going to cover every corner of the window and then GENTLY place it on. DO NOT use your hands to flatten it on the window, but take your squeegee, place it in the middle of the decal and work your way either to` left or right direction. Creases will happen but its mostly the white application tape. Expect creases on the edges because of the rubber around your window. After squeegeeing as much as you can, your decal will look like this:

4Runner 3rd Gen Step 2


Step 3. Trimming

At this point, we understand that a lot of people are excited, but we highly recommend keeping the application tape on because it makes trimming the edges easier. An Exacto knife is the best tool to trim the decal. Also, we recommend on trimming the decal just right in the middle of the gap between the window and rubber so there is material left to wrap the decal around the edges of your window. 

4Runner 3rd Step 3


Step 4. Release the Air Bubbles

Keeping the application tape on not only helped with trimming, but it also helps with preventing scratches from trying to squeegee those darn air bubbles out. Depending on how you gently applied the decal, how much water you sprayed before applying it, or how hot it is on the day you decided to install your flags, there are a lot of factors that you can control with preventing as much air bubbles as possible but you will somehow still get them anyways. Just remember to always work from inward to outward and do not apply too much force because it can affect the decal underneath. 

4Runner 3rd Gen Step 4


Step 5. Remove and Enjoy

After carefully taking off the application tape, pulling it off can create a little bit of air bubbles as well. Take your squeegee and work those out. If there are some that you can't seem to get, don't worry. If you installed your flags on a hot day they will most likely go away on their own. Keep in mind, that even if you cleaned your window right before, little specks of dirt could have still gotten on it. So do not be too rough when you squeegee and for best results use a squeegee that has a cloth edge. 

Lastly, clean off any dry water marks or dirt on your window and enjoy your beautiful decals.