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Tacoma Rear Window Install

Tacoma Rear Window Install

Just this past weekend we installed a fellow American's rear window flag. Like most trucks, his Tacoma had a small middle window pane. We have not done too many of these but we figured the best method that works for us and we would like to share it for those of you who are a little apprehensive about installing it yourself.

There are two different methods we found that work best.


Pre-Cut Method

If you do not have any helping hands, this method will probably be the most helpful. For this method, we recommend tracing the small middle window pane and cutting it off. In addition it would be a good idea to cut the edges of the flag as well. The reason why this method is perfect for a lone installer is because the middle pane is between the top and bottom stripes. This makes it possible for the install to be separated into 2 parts. Once the middle section has been removed, you can start preparations.

- Flatten the flag as much as you can before installing to ensure easiness

- Squeegee the flag afterwards

- Clean the window and align the flag to the window. You may need to use tape to make sure the right side of the flag stays aligned. 

-  Start with peeling the backing paper off the edge of the stars, while squeegeeing the stars.

- Continue to steadily peel and squeegee until the entire flag is installed. Eliminate as much air bubbles you can and then carefully pull the transfer tape off.

- After, go ahead and align the stripes you cut off to the middle pane. Do not squeegee the section until you feel the stripes are aligned perfectly.

- Peel off the transfer tape and then get rid of any air bubbles.


Whole Method

This method does not require as much preparation but doable if you have a helping hand. The only difference between this method and the Pre-Cut method is you do not cut off the stripes for the middle section. Instead, you can install the entire flag as it is on the window.One of the issue we had with this method is that it does cause a lot of air bubbles, which is possible to get out after cutting the edges of the middle stripes. Another issue we encountered is keeping the stripes straight pass the middle section, which is why it is imperative to have another pair of hands (and eyes) to prevent this from happening.