American flag, Chevy, decal distress -

How to install your distress flag decal Suburban

Last summer, we had the privilege to meet one of our customer and help install his distressed American Flag with a thin blue line. For those who have ordered and installed the distressed version of the American flag know that it is not an easy feat to accomplish. It was even harder to install on an SUV, on a summer day in Texas. I recall that one side took us closely to 45 minutes, with the heat continually evaporating the water we sprayed onto the window being a big factor.


Alas, we finally finished. Some things we took away from this experience are:

- Choose a day when its not too hot and not to breezy so the process can go a lot smoother

- Plan before you execute. Make sure you have cleaned both windows right before applying and that you have all the materials you need within reach


- Teamwork makes the dream work. One person can be holding the decal, another one sticking it on with a squeegee, and maybe a third as well.

- Lastly, even if you can tan, if you are in Texas, wear sunblock.


To all who have installed your own flags, hats off to you!